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Dominus 2012




Year: 2012
Package: 750ml

Number of bottles: 9947

The cuvée produced from the varieties: Hron, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir.

Planted on the warmest and the best parcele of the vineyard Viničky I just above the town Veľký Krtíš.

It was awarded by golden medals alredy before being bottled.

The year 2012 was the warm one of red wines when acids were adjusted just by the ground before completing Crebs cycle (production of acids and sugars). Healthy and rippened grapes were harvested with sugarness of 25°NM.

Wine parametres:

  • Alcohol - 13,5%
  • Sugar - 5,8 g
  • Acids - 4,5 g/l

The "Slovak" cuvée started the era inspired by French masters producing only a few brand wines with the message the same variety cannot achieve the same quality every year. The wine character is highlighted by dark ruby-carmine colour, exotic scent propably inherited from the new variety Hron having its ancestors in the very south French region (Castets x Abouriou noir).

Cuvée feels softly, fruitely and like velvet.