About Us

Vineyard. At the beginning there was an eager winebibber and a degustator Ing. Ján Domin and his dream to build up a family winery. His long lasting experience with wine production originating in a former regime and with selling bio products in the 90's of the 20th century he came up with an idea:

„If to start a winery, so let it be ecological...“

And this is where the roots of the family business Domin & Kušický reach.

From the legislation point of view we have gone through a three years long lasting conversion (a temporary period between growing grapes-wine and bio cultivation). 

During our harvest we ask for the bio product certificate for each variety and when bottling wine we ask for the bio food certificate. Our wines get ripened for a long; we produce them in the clean environment without any chemicals and additives. They are branded with "bio" on their back vignette declaring ecological agriculture of the Slovak Republic. We try to avoid description of our wines; they have to speak for themselves.

EKO poľnohospodárstvo

The Central Monitoring and Testing Institute of Agriculture registered our vineyards and added registration numbers to our winery, it also issues a certificate on grapes used for wine production. The certified company Naturali SK Ltd has guaranteed certification and monitoring activities in ecological agricultural production, which is included in the list of supervising institutes of EU member states.

„It is essential to talk about soil, the place and the harvest is just a clue to open terroir, we should talk about variety of sea levels and their specific conditions. Wine itself should highlight the place of its origin.“

We borrowed it from legendary winebibber from Burgundy - Lalou Bize-Lerdy and nothing is left but to agree with her.