domin kusicky pwh 032sAppellation - wines with protected origin. 


Description of vineyards:

Vineyards situated in Velký Krtíš and its surroundings form the grounds of the winery VÍNO NATURAL Domin & Kušický.

Detail specification of terroir: Central Slovakia wine cultivating region, Modrý Kameň and Vinice region, village Velký Krtíš, Modrý Kamen, Dolné Plachtince and Vinica. 

The biggest vineyard on the edge of town Velký Krtíš, area Vinice, spreads on the area of 20 acres. The second biggest, 10 acres vineyard that is situated on the south slope of Dolné Plachtince is called Pustatina. The third biggest vineyard with the area of 3 acres is situated in Modrý Kameň, area Katovka and it was planted in 1998. We can proudly declare it is the first registered bio vineyard in Slovakia. The last vineyard situated in village Vinica, hon Husárka, spreads on 5 acres. 

Our slogan is: "Good wine has its own soil...".

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