Climate conditions

Zabudnutý strapec červeného hrozna. Our territory might be compared to Burgundy, we have verified it by our experience and we took in into account when planting. That is why you can try Burgundy white, grey and blue wines. We can mention also similar varieties like Chardonnay with its fresh fruit features. A particular chapter is devoted to Traminer rot which is undoubtedly unique due to its scents achieved from soil base. Then, we should present also Sauvignon and Riesling Weiss. Our red vines are represented by Burgundy varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon but also Merlot and Hron.

Vinohrad v zime.
Slnko v hmle. Vinohrad na jar. Zabudnutý strapec. Strapec červeného hrozna. Červené hrozno.