domin kusicky pwh 002sIt is important to say something about new legislation related to wine. As you have certainly noticed Slovakia uses marking wines according to the French example, so:

"Wine with protected origin"

and its lower category:

"Wine with protected geographic mark".

Traditional marks like "first rate wine" or "first rate with an attribute" are allowed to be used on vignettes in both cases. All our wines belong to a higher quality category ("wine with protected origin"). 

Wine can bear the mark in the following cases:

  • if produced only of grapes grown in the vineyards situated in the Slovak Republic,
  • if grapes for wine production belongs to species registered in the List of Registered species,
  • harvest of grapes, wine production, its bottling is carried out only in the same or very closely situated geographical unit in the territory of the Slovak Republic,
  • grapes used for wine achieved sugariness at least 16 °NM,
  • the highest hectare gain did not exceed 18 000 kg/ha,
  • it meets terms according to particular regulation,
  • it has been awarded with the protected origin mark pursuant to particular regulations,
  • particular specification has been elaborated for it and it meets its terms.

Then, we can also present the name of bigger or smaller geographical unit (winery region, village, area). A particular category exists named "Districtus Slovakia Controllatus" or abreviated "D.S.C.", that means "Wine with protected origin of the first rate quality from Slovak appellations". We are to introduce wine with the mentioned mark to the Christmas market - Cabernet Sauvignon Bio 2009. You will certainly enjoy it.

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