New white wine

kruh white wine

Chardonnay bio 2015


late harvest


Year: 2015
Package: 750ml

Number of bottles: 

Wine made of grapes harvested in bio-quality in the central Slovakia vineyard region, particularly in the vineyards of Modrý Kameň, the village, and in the location named Katovka 1,2 reaching up to 350 m above the sea level. It is the first registered bio-vineyard in Slovakia. The registration numbers of vineyards are as follows: A304013/0001, A304013/0002. Their great advantage is undoubtedly its bedrock. The hot season in the south slopes of Katovka location coloured bunches and berries gold even in such high sea levels. When harvested, sugariness achieved 22°NM. The wine has ranked into the categories - late harvest and dry, within its 4 yields tons per acre.

Wine parameters: alcohol 12,5%, residual sugar: 1,3 g/l, acids overall: 5,19 g/l, sulphur overall: 108 mg/l, histamine: < 0,5 mg/l.

The wine tastes fully, its variety and enriched with mano-proteins of natural sur-lie. It tastes slightly soft and mondaine just like apricots, peaches and exotic flavours of banana, pineapple and sweet melon. It impresses you with gentleness, honey or even satin in the rich late secondary bouquet.