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Dominus bio 2015

Dominus bio 2015

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Year: 2015
Package: 750ml

Number of bottles: 9450

We continue with targeted produced cuvée from varieties Hron, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot also in the next year, the year of 2015. The varieties have been planted in the warmest and best vineyard called Viničky I, just above the tiny town Veľký Krtíš, in the territories of Pustatina and Dolné Plachtince. We opened the "Slovak cuvée" era inspired by French whoppers producing only very few wines with the message one variety cannot reach the same quality every year. The wine excels with its dark ruby colour, scents of cherries and black currants, it is full in taste leaving long lasting impression, most likely by the new variety Hron whose parents come from the south part of France (Castets x Abouriou noir). The Merlot left its traces in velvety and softness and Cabernet Sauvignon is present in long three years lasting fermentation.