New white wine

Sauvignon bio 2016

Sauvignon bio 2016


grapes selection


Year: 2016
Package: 750ml

Number of bottles: 9633

We traditionally present to all wine lovers the quality originating in an old French variety. You do not have to travel far to famous vineyards of New Zealand to find nice Sauvignons, you can easily find them here, in our home country. Our terraces covered with sunshine gave a birth to vine registered as A304025/0029 and sugariness 23,1 NM a that is why our authentic vine bears an attribute “grapes selection. It offers its intense scent, full taste and light acids. In a bottle it shows “chameleon” manners at its best as it effects our senses and emotions more than any other white wine variety, particularly when it appeared exquisite. It hides vanilla - muscat and green-nettle scents and tastes like yellow fruit.

It is best to try it before a meal, like an aperitif. It will not disappoint you even with a main course or enjoy it as an afternoon wine with a few slices of Camembert.