Oil and Flour

Grapes in any form are beneficial for human health. Apart from berries and peels themselves we can efficiently use also seeds and press out one of the most precious oils in the world.


Our grapes are treated without hard chemistry so from ecological point of view it is an ideal material for production of grape oil by light cold pressing.
Oil is rich in linoleic acid. And why it this important? Apart from the fact it supports fat burning and muscles growth, it also increases the density of bone minerals, reduces cholesterol and participates in biochemical reactions responsible for treatment of irritations. It slows down diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It is not a medicine but it supports your organism and keeps it in good condition.
Every morning you can use one coffee spoon on empty which means you receive phospholipids, sphingolipids, phytosterols as well as vitamins C and E, including oligomeric proanthacyanidins which are strong and rare anti-oxidants.
It helps also to improve your look. It improves your skin and supplies with necessary nutrition. It also prevents ageing. Apply the oil on your hair 10 minutes before washing it as it prevents dry hair ends.
The oil is suitable for cold cuisine. It matches with yoghurt, curd, porridge, juice, cocktail, fruit, vegetable or pasta salad, cream, pudding, risotto, pastry, soups, meat. It goes well with high temperatures, it does not burn.
If you suffer from histamine intolerance, the oil is right for you. Have you gone through surgery or do you have fissure veins? Do you like trying new recipes and ingredients? Are you a diabetes patient? If you answered yes at least to one of the questions, our bio grape oil is just for you.

After pressing out the oil from grape seeds we get flour by grinding them. Grape seeds are one of the richest natural sources of so called flavonoids famous for their antioxidant character. They protect cells agains free radicals, regenerate and strengthen veins, reduce irritation. High content of fibres in our flour supports functions of our digestion system. The flour is rich in polyphenol, potassium, calcium, iron.
Where can you use our grape flour? We recommend to use it as replacement for any standard flour in any recipe, replace it in the extent from 5 to 10%. It can be used for creams, soups, vegetable dishes. It can be used also for cold dishes, it matches with yoghurts, muesli, fruit juices, cocktails. It is naturally gluten free, paleo and lactose free.