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kruh32 cab sauvignon2012

Cabernet Sauvignon bio


grapes selection


Yaer: 2012
Package: 750ml

Number of bottles:

The king of blue cider varieties, as many name it.

And they are definitely right as it is grown practically in all wine regions. Despite is, it ripeness later and the year 2012 was harvested already on 26th September where the sum of temperatures and sun light had an impact on its sugariness 25°NM, the category of quality wine with the attribute grapes selection. Healthy grapes with thick dark coat were harvested in our ecological vineyard under the registry number A 304005/0017, situated in Central Slovakia wine region, within Modry Kameň wine territory, in village Veľký Krtíš and its part Pustatina. Its colour is attractive - ruby red with the scent of intense cherries, plums and black currants. Its taste is spicy and fine with charm. It has full body (overall extract 28,8g/l) due to the used technological methods - 72 hours of resting and sur lie method - the wine was left in fine pulps. Its great acids in cider were naturally removed during 12 months. It was put into winy barrels for a short time to tune its tastes and micro oxidation. We offer harmonic ripened with tenderness and roundness, alcohol 13,5%, sugar 2,9g/l , acids 5,39 g/l and the content of sulphuric oxide 52 mg/l.