New white wine

kruh37 sauvignon2015

Bio Sauvignon

grapes selection


Year: 2015
Package: 750ml

Number of bottles:

We always bring fine quality vines to our customers right out of our own crop. It is not necessary to travel far (New Zealand) to find great Sauvignon vines, we have them here for you. We planted and grew them in terraces and hills of our vineyards registered under numbers A304025/0003 and A304025/0029 containing sugar of 23.2 NM and that is why not bottled vine is typical with a feature – grapes selection. The lively and vivid species has been tamed by long lasting technological experience both in vineyard and in our cellar.

Hidden in a bottle just like a chameleon manages senses and emotions like no other white vine, particularly if it is greatly made. It is typical with its green vanilla Muscat and nettle scents and tastes of exotic and regional yellow fruit.

You simply have to taste it before having a meal, an aperitif maybe. You will definitely not be disappointed when combining it with a main dish and just enjoy it in the afternoon with a few slices of Camembert.