What is Bio wine?

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Ecological wines - ecological agriculture, ecological winery, bio-products, bio-wines -

terms frequently used in our terminology as well. For centuries preceding synthetic fertilizers and artificial molecules of insecticides we farmed ecologically. Ecosystems of flora and fauna were properly balanced and harmonised with a man and his needs. 

Ecological agriculture

might be defined as a balanced ecosystem of sustainable character based on local and renewable sources where man's duty is to manage agricultural activity in the way to harmonise with nature. 

Ecological winery

has been carried out on the area of 40 ha of our own vineyards in the region of Modrý Kameň and Vinice in the south of Central Slovakia.
domin kusicky pwh 025sGrown grapes are processed in our own premises to a final product - certified bio wines. Wine varieties in our vineyards are suited to agro-ecological conditions of micro regions, for ecological activities. By harvest regulation we achieve top quality of our final product for winery capacity. 

Our wines

are of significant character, harmonized acids without rough apple acid that is absolutely degraded by regulated apple-milk fermentation. Then our wines remain fresh for a long time without necessity of chemical stabilization. Even the content of SO2 falls deeply under the allowed limit. All the mentioned features refer to the limits for bio wines. Wines are first-rate quality, aesthetically packed with.